Lena Fennell

∼ An Introduction to Lena Fennell ∼

Chapter 1: The Music

Chapter 2: The Videos

Chapter 3: What The Media Say

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Chapter 4: Self Portrait

  1. Lena plays the guitar and sings songs she writes herself. So it's fair to say she's a singer/songwriter.
  2. If you can't help putting a label on Lena, go for «Fake Screamo» or «Melodramatic Popsongs».
  3. Lena likes dark songs. No milk, no sugar.
  4. Yes, Lena likes Fennel. Not as much as coffee, but Lena Coffee just didn't sound like a stage name to pick.
  5. Lena likes Fink, Beth Gibbons, The National and Edith Piaf.
  6. Lena does not like to speak. Especially not on stage.
  7. Lena lives in Basel. And she loves the river Rhine. That's why she recorded 1/12 of the album right at its bank.
  8. Lena lubricates her voice with water melon juice in the morning, red wine in the evening - and Laphroaig at noon, if that's what it takes.
  9. When Lena does not hit the stage alone, she plays along Antoine Kauffmann, Naima Schottländer, Jan Krattiger and any other special guest that fits the bill.
  10. Oh, and Lena likes animals. Above all the sand puppy, the fathead and grilled duck babies.

Chapter 5: Your Turn

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  1. Currently no concerts – we’re working on our new EP, to be released in 2014

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Chapter 6: The End

...and they listened to it happily ever after.
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