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Some words on Harvest

«Harvest» in its original form had existed for several years. Five actually. I’ve written it in a wonderful lake house near Morat where I’d spent my summer. I felt exuberant, almost euphoric. Yet at the same time gloomy and uneasy. I felt this dark spot in my mind that reminded me of phases in my life when I drowned in melancholy. One hot summer night this emotion that made me happy, sad and then happy again, bundled up. That’s how «Harvest» came about. Now, five years later, the right time was here for me to record this piece of music. «Harvest» is a spring song that relates to autumn. «Harvest» is rapture made of ruptures. You may clap along. You may jump and dance. Harvest celebrates life.

I’ll release my second album in autumn 2013. So «Harvest» is a snack for all those who liked and like my album «Nauticus». And an appetiser for all those who’d like to get to know Lena. The single is out now. You can get it on iTunes (1.60) and Bandcamp (you name the price).

I’d like to say a huge thank you to my band, who all have a substantial share in Lena’s sound and soul. Antoine Kauffmann (drums), Jan Krattiger (guitar) und Naima Schottlaender (bass). You’re gorgeous. We have recorded and produced «Harvest» with Thomas Rechberger from Alterna Recordings in Basel. Hell yes, you’re the man! Oli Boesch did the mastering. Thank you so much.

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Who is Lena, anyway?

  1. Lena Fennell is a singer/songwriter from Basel/Switzerland. She likes dark songs. No milk, no sugar.
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